Greek negotiations: no payoff, no game

What is the payoff structure in the Greece versus Euro Area game? Vladimir Gligorov looked through the books co-authored by Varoufakis on game theory and tried to get his strategy. read more

Hungary's U-turn

In a recently pre-published paper János Kornai, the world famous Hungarian economist, provides a detailed analysis of the political and economic situation in Hungary. read more

Recent Publications


Monthly Report No. 2/2015

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Monthly Report No. 1/2015

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Capacities and Absorptive Barriers for International R&D Spillovers through Intermediate Inputs

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Upcoming Events

05  March 2015    4:00 pm

Goran Vukšić, Institute of Public Finance, Croatia

Developing countries in competition for foreign investment

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13  March 2015    10:00 am

Presentation of wiiw's latest growth forecast for the countries of Central, East and Southeast Europe

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13  March 2015    12:30 pm

Nicholas Stern, London School of Economics

Why Are We Waiting? The Logic, Urgency, and Promise of Tackling Climate Change

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19  March 2015    4:00 pm

Fulvio Castellacci, University of Oslo

The additionality effects of R&D tax credits across sectors: A cross-country microeconometric analysis

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Project in Focus

Mid-term skills supply and demand forecast

Client: European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP)
Duration: January 2013 - December 2016 read more