Johannes Pöschl


Phone: (+43-1) 533 66 10-18

Johannes Pöschl is Research Economist and database expert at wiiw. His research focuses on innovation and technology transfer, international trade and competitiveness. He also has a background in software development. He has participated in various research projects for the European Commission (DG REGIO and DG ENTR) and in research projects funded by the Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes (WIOD, MICRO-DYN). He is specialised in working with large and complex datasets. He graduated in Economics at the University of Vienna (2008) and in Information Systems at the Vienna University of Technology (2006) and is currently working on his PhD thesis on innovation and technology spillovers and productivity performance.

External Publications

Articles in refereed journals
  • 'Austrian Exporters – Unique or alike? New insights and missing puzzle pieces' (with Robert Stehrer and Roman Stöllinger), Empirica, Vol. 39, No. 12, 2012, pp. 375-405 link
  • 'The impact of preferential trade agreements on the margins of international trade' (with Neil Foster-McGregor and Robert Stehrer), Economic Systems, Vol. 35, No. 1, 2011, pp. 84-97
Articles in books
  • 'Freihandel und Protektionismus - Theoretische Argumente und aktuelle Maßnahmen in der EU, den USA und China', Österreichs Außenwirtschaft 2009, Chapter 9, Kompetenzzentrum FIW, Vienna, December 2009, pp. 171-182
Other working papers and discussion series
  • 'Helping firms grow, Commission Staff Working Document SWD(2014)6319 final' (with Vasily Astrov, Alexandra Bykova, Doris Hanzl-Weiss, Olga Pindyuk and Robert Stehrer), European Competitiveness Report 2014, Brussels, 2014 link
  • 'The World Input-Output Database (WIOD): Contents, Sources and Methods' (with Valeria Andreoni, Inaki Arto, Gaaitzen De Vries, Abdul Azeez Erumban, Joseph F. Francois, Aurelien Genty, Reitze Gouma, Bart Los, Frederik Neuwahl, Olga Pindyuk, Jose M. Rueda-Cantuche, Robert Stehrer, Gerhard Streicher, Umed Temurshoev and Alejandro Villanueva), WIOD Working Paper, No. 10, May 2012 link
  • 'Condemned to failure? Innovation projects and determinants of success by firm size and geographic location', MICRO-DYN Working Paper, No. 14/11, 2011 link
  • 'Launch of the MICRO-DYN centralised database including a report on experiences in developing and using firm level databases across EU member states' (with Rumen Dobrinsky), MICRO-DYN Working Paper, No. 12/11, 2011 link
  • 'Change begets change: Employment effects of technological and non-technological innovations – A comparison across countries' (with Sandra M. Leitner and Robert Stehrer), MICRO-DYN Working Paper, No. 32/10, 2010
  • 'Austrian Exporters: A Firm-Level Analysis' (with Robert Stehrer and Roman Stöllinger), MICRO-DYN Working Paper, No. 18/10, 2010
  • 'Characteristics of exporting and non-exporting firms in Austria' (with Robert Stehrer and Roman Stöllinger), FIW Research Reports 2009/2010, No. 1, Vienna, 2009

wiiw Publications

wiiw Monthly Reports
  • 'German firms drive innovation in Europe and around the globe', Monthly Report No. 2/2014, wiiw Monthly Report, No. 2, Vienna, February 2014, pp. 6-9
  • 'Recent trends in the quality of traded goods: NMS are closing the gaps' (with Neil Foster-McGregor and Robert Stehrer), Monthly Report No. 3/2011, wiiw Monthly Report, No. 3, Vienna, March 2011, pp. 12-19
wiiw Research Reports
  • 'Earnings Distributions and Dimensions of Inequality ' (with Neil Foster-McGregor, Sebastian Leitner, Sandra M. Leitner and Robert Stehrer), wiiw Research Report, No. 399, Vienna, December 2014 link
  • 'Reducing Productivity and Efficiency Gaps: the Role of Knowledge Assets, Absorptive Capacity and Institutions' (with Neil Foster-McGregor, Ana Rincon-Aznar, Robert Stehrer, Michaela Vecchi and Francesco Venturini), wiiw Research Report, No. 396, Vienna, September 2014 link
  • 'A ‘Manufacturing Imperative’ in the EU – Europe's Position in Global Manufacturing and the Role of Industrial Policy' (with Neil Foster-McGregor, Mario Holzner, Michael Landesmann, Robert Stehrer and Roman Stöllinger), wiiw Research Report, No. 391, Vienna, October 2013 link
  • 'Global Value Chains and the EU Industry' (with Martin Borowiecki, Bernhard Dachs, Doris Hanzl-Weiss, Steffen Kinkel, Magdolna Sass, Thomas Christian Schmall, Robert Stehrer and Andrea Szalavetz), wiiw Research Report, No. 383, Vienna, October 2012 link
wiiw Working Papers
  • 'Capacities and Absorptive Barriers for International R&D Spillovers through Intermediate Inputs' (with Neil Foster-McGregor and Robert Stehrer), wiiw Working Paper, No. 108, Vienna, October 2014 link
  • 'Offshoring and the Elasticity of Labour Demand' (with Neil Foster-McGregor and Robert Stehrer), wiiw Working Paper, No. 90, Vienna, July 2012 link
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  • 'Change Begets Change: Employment Effects of Technological and Non-Technological Innovations - a Comparison across Countries' (with Sandra M. Leitner and Robert Stehrer), wiiw Working Paper, No. 72, Vienna, January 2011 link
  • 'The Impact of Preferential Trade Agreements on the Margins of International Trade' (with Neil Foster-McGregor and Robert Stehrer), wiiw Working Paper, No. 70, Vienna, September 2010 link
  • 'Austrian Exporters: A Firm-Level Analysis' (with Robert Stehrer and Roman Stöllinger), wiiw Working Paper, No. 67, Vienna, July 2010 link
  • 'The Importance of Labour Mobility for Spillovers across Industries' (with Neil Foster-McGregor), wiiw Working Paper, No. 58, Vienna, October 2009 link