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Yugoslav lessons for Catalonia

The key to secession is establishing fiscal autonomy and territorial control, but this will take a long time, and the accommodation of Catalan demands within federal structures should still be possible. A commentary by Vladimir Gligorov. read more

Where will all the workers go...?

The ‘rise of the machines’ will have little impact on overall employment levels but will lead to rising labour market inequality and changes in demand for skills, David Dorn concluded at this year’s Global Economy Lecture. read more

Ten reflections on the UK in the aftermath of Brexit

The UK’s decision to leave the EU provides a rare chance to see what happens when a generally stable, conservative country does something radical. It has brought into sharper focus some fascinating aspects of the country’s political culture. read more

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Monthly Report No. 10/2017

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Österreichs Staatsausgabenstrukturen im europäischen Vergleich

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Macedonian Exports

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Upcoming Events

23  October 2017    3:00 pm

In cooperation with Research Centre International Economics (FIW).

Evgenii Monastyrenko, Paris School of Economics

Evolve to survive: Firm adjustment to customs-driven administrative barriers

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09  November 2017    10:00 am

Presentation of wiiw's latest growth forecast for 22 countries of Central, East and Southeast Europe

wiiw Autumn Forecast 2017

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14  November 2017    11:00 am

In cooperation with Research Centre International Economics (FIW).

Ronald B. Davies, University College Dublin

The Heterogeneous Impact of Brexit: Early Indications from the FTSE

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Projects in Focus

SEE Jobs Gateway

Client: The World Bank
Duration: July 2016 - June 2019 read more

Austria’s Economic Competitiveness in a Neighbourhood Context

Client: Anniversary Fund of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank
Duration: August 2016 - July 2018 read more

Production of skills supply and demand forecasts

Client: European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP)
Duration: July 2016 - June 2020 read more