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29  January 2015    4:00 pm

Product Quality and Environmental Standards: The Effect of an International Environmental Agreement on Tropical Timer Trade

Andrea Leiter-Scheiring, University of Innsbruck

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12  January 2015    4:00 pm

Which migration policy for Europe?

Rainer Münz, Erste Group

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11  December 2014    5:00 pm

The Dynamic Adjustment of Firms and Workers to Foreign Trade

Elhanan Helpman, Harvard University

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10  December 2014    2:00 pm

The Economic Quagmire in Ukraine

Susan M. Schadler, CIGI, Canada

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01  December 2014    4:00 pm

Monetary Policy and International Capital Flows

Hélène Rey, London Business School

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24  November 2014    12:30 pm

Public- Private Partnership

24 to 28 November 2014

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17  November 2014    4:00 pm

The theory of global imbalances: mainstream economics vs. structural Keynesianism

Thomas I. Palley, Senior Economic Policy Advisor, AFL-CIO, Washington DC

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13  November 2014    4:00 pm

Does FDI crowd out domestic investment in transition countries?

Cristina Jude, University of Orleans, France

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13  November 2014    10:00 am

On Thin Ice: CESEE Core Resilient in the Face of EU Stagnation and the Ukraine Crisis

Presentation of wiiw's latest growth forecast for the countries of Central, East and Southeast Europe

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30  October 2014    4:00 pm

Cohesion in the new EU member states: catching-up, structural change and the role of trade and FDI

Presentation and Discussion

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