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26  January 2017    5:00 pm

Revisiting the 'Kaldor-paradox': the real exchange rate, export performance and economic growth in the European Union

Gábor Oblath

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21  December 2016    4:00 pm

The Belarus Economy: The Challenges of Stalled Reforms

The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw) and the Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Center (BEROC) will present the results of a study in Minsk, Belarus

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06  December 2016    4:00 pm

Trust in national governments in CESEE countries: Does income distribution have an impact?

Mariya Hake, OeNB

FIW-wiiw Seminars in International Economics

05  December 2016    5:00 pm

Labour Market Integration of Refugees: What Works?

Iván Martín, Migration Policy Centre, European University Institute, Italy

Policy Perspectives for European Integration

01  December 2016    8:30 am

9th FIW Research Conference ‘International Economics’

two-day conference on international economics

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28  November 2016    4:00 pm

How should Europe meet the duty of rescue towards the displaced and the poor?

Paul Collier, Oxford University & Oxford and London School of Economics

Global Economy Lectures

24  November 2016    4:30 pm

EMU Forum 2016 – Completing Economic and Monetary Union

The EMU Forum 2016 brings together academics, experts and policy makers to debate about the political economy of the euro area.

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17  November 2016    4:00 pm

On the Impact of CETA: Trade and Investment

Mario Larch, University of Bayreuth

FIW-wiiw Seminars in International Economics

10  November 2016    10:00 am

wiiw Autumn Forecast 2016

Presentation of wiiw's latest growth forecast for 22 countries of Central, East and Southeast Europe

wiiw Press Conferences

24  October 2016    4:00 pm

The Free Movement of Workers in an Enlarged European Union: Institutional Underpinnings of Economic Adjustment

Martin Kahanec, CEU Budapest, IZA Bonn, CELSI Bratislava

FIW-wiiw Seminars in International Economics