Stefan Jestl


telephone: (+43-1) 533 66 10-21

Stefan Jestl is Economist at wiiw where he is involved in studies on labour mobility, labour market and infrastructure as well as wealth and income distribution. He has obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Management & Entrepreneurship at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna as well as a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Economics at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna. Currently, he is enrolled in a Ph.D. programme in Economics at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna. In addition, he is a member of the scientific project staff of the Research Institute 'Economics of Inequality' (Ineq) at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna. Previously, he worked as a Research Assistant at wiiw.

Austria, Vienna

List of Publications

External Publications wiiw Publications

External Publications

Articles in non-refereed journals
  • 'Of Proprietors and Proletarians - Inequality, Household Indebtedness, Macroeconomic Imbalances and the Ownership Society' (with Mario Holzner), Materialien zu Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft, No. 141, 2015 link
  • 'Immobilienvermögen und Hypothekarverschuldung der Haushalte im Europavergleich' (with Mario Holzner and Sebastian Leitner), Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft, Vol. 41, No. 1, 2015, pp. 49-70 link

wiiw Publications

wiiw Monthly Reports
  • 'The economic role of railway networks – a historical perspective' (with Mario Holzner), Monthly Report No. 2/2017, wiiw Monthly Report, No. 2, Vienna, February 2017, pp. 8-15
  • 'Integration of migrants from different countries of origin in EU labour markets' (with Michael Landesmann), Monthly Report No. 3/2016, wiiw Monthly Report, No. 3, Vienna, March 2016, pp. 11-15
  • 'Job-skill mismatch patterns in EU labour markets: migrants versus natives' (with Michael Landesmann and Sandra M. Leitner), Monthly Report No. 6/2015, wiiw Monthly Report, No. 6, Vienna, June 2015, pp. 4-10
wiiw Research Reports
  • 'Migrants and Natives in EU Labour Markets: Mobility and Job-Skill Mismatch Patterns' (with Michael Landesmann and Sandra M. Leitner), wiiw Research Report, No. 403, Vienna, July 2015 link
wiiw Balkan Observatory Working Papers
  • 'Introducing Railway Time in the Balkans: Economic effects of railway construction in Southeast Europe and beyond since the early 19th century until present days' (with Eduard Alvarez, Mario Holzner and Jordi Marti-Henneberg), wiiw Balkan Observatory Working Paper, No. 121, Vienna, May 2016 link