Gender Equality Plan

A wiiw strategy towards gender equality and wellbeing

We acknowledge that the employees of the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw) are its most valuable resource and we are committed to creating an inspiring working environment which enables their individual wellbeing and professional development, thereby laying the groundwork for our organisation’s sustainable development and success.

Therefore, we have set ourselves the objective of improving the gender balance of our staff and activities, as well as the work-life balance of all our employees.

To that end, we put forward this wiiw Gender Equality Plan which provides the basis for the establishment of three new organisational bodies, a dedicated process, and the implementation of 15 organisational provisions and measures. It specifically addresses our recruitment practices and career progression paths, our organisational culture and the work-life balance of our employees. It is furthermore designed as a long-term process of awareness raising and organisational change.

Download the wiiw Gender Equality Plan in pdf format