Research Areas

Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy

One of our core research areas is the analysis of macroeconomic developments in the CEE, SEE and CIS countries we regularly cover. As the process of transformation is about to be completed in most of the new Member States of the EU and well under way in most candidate countries…


Labour, Migration and Income Distribution

Transition and restructuring had and still have profound effects on the labour markets of CEE, SEE and CIS countries. We focus on ongoing developments and the effects of restructuring processes in labour markets where we have also expanded our research to analyse developments ...


International Trade, Competitiveness and FDI

Our core competence is the cross-country analysis of economic integration experiences. This certainly includes the positioning of CEE, SEE and CIS countries in the global economy. In the analysis of international trade and FDI we also go beyond our regional focus and take a global perspective...


Regional Development

Our core competence is the analysis of regional development in the EU-27 and SEE countries. The key element in our understanding and research is the multi-dimensional nature of regional development. Thus, our work focuses broadly on the various areas such as economic, social...


Sectoral studies

Enterprises and sectors are the basis of economic activity and are thus at the core of wiiw research. wiiw activities comprise the analysis of industry patterns and industrial developments, industrial competitiveness and sectoral studies. Here we pay attention to specific sectors of the economy...