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wiiw Statistical Reports

Digital Tasks and ICT Capital: Methodologies and Data

Lorenz Gschwent, Dario Guarascio, Stefan Jestl, Alireza Sabouniha and Roman Stöllinger
wiiw Statistical Report No. 11, January 2023
57 pages including 19 Tables and 6 Figures


wiiw - POLMIG Database: An Inventory of Migration Policy Changes in Europe, 2013-2019

Sandra Kovacevic and Isilda Mara
wiiw Statistical Report No. 10, Mai 2021
19 pages including 4 Tables and 3 Diagrams


Die Vernetzung Wiens mit den Städten Europas

David Zenz
wiiw Statistical Report No. 9, June 2020
36 pages including 1 Table and 41 Figures


Comparing Wage Levels and Developments in Europe: Mind the Data Source

Joris M. Schröder and Monika Schwarzhappel
wiiw Statistical Report No. 8, January 2020
22 pages including 3 Tables and 11 Figures


Estimation of Aggregate and Segment-specific Financial Cycles for a Global Sample of Countries

Amat Adarov
wiiw Statistical Report No. 7, April 2018
165 pages including 432 Tables and 137 Figures


Tradability Index: A Comprehensive Measure for the Tradability of Output

Alexandra Bykova and Roman Stöllinger
wiiw Statistical Report No. 6, January 2017
24 pages including 2 Tables and 5 Figures


Changes in the Structure of Intra-Visegrad Trade after the Visegrad Countries’ Accession to the European Union

Sandor Richter
wiiw Statistical Report No. 5, September 2012
99 pages including 52 Tables and 81 Figures


Arbeitskosten, Steuerbelastung und Wettbewerbsfähigkeit in Österreich im Vergleich mit ausgewählten CEEs

Peter Havlik, Sebastian Leitner and Roman Römisch
wiiw Statistical Report No. 4, April 2011
70 pages including 29 Tables and 10 Figures


Growth Resurgence, Productivity Catching-up and Labour Demand in CEECs

Peter Havlik, Sebastian Leitner and Robert Stehrer
wiiw Statistical Report No. 3, January 2008
71 pages including 29 Tables and 24 Figures


Industry Patterns in Output, FDI and Trade: A comparison of CEECs with OECD and East Asian Countries

Julia Wörz
wiiw Statistical Report No. 2, September 2005