Open Data

wiiw supports the European Open Science Agenda, an initiative encouraging the re-use of research output. The aim of this initiative is to make research results more accessible, contributing to better and more efficient science and to innovation. In this section, wiiw provides open access to data that were generated in the course of publicly funded research projects. For each dataset we provide the data and indicators, a technical description of the data and calculations as well as the related publications.

Measures of economic openness

The data set contains more than 30 openly available indicators on (trade, financial and overall) openness for 216 countries over 1960-2019. We regularly provide updated versions to facilitate research on globalisation and related issues. Details

Wirtschaftsbeziehungen Österreichs mit den Ländern Mittel-, Ost- und Südosteuropas (MOSOEL)

Currently the data is only available in German.
Der Datensatz beinhaltet eine erweiterte Version des Statistischen Anhangs zum wiiw Bericht „Nachbarschaftsbeziehungen auf dem COVID-Prüfstand“, welcher verschiedene Aspekte der Beziehungen Österreichs MOSOEL im Kontext der Pandemie beleuchtet. Details

wiiw NTM Data

The dataset is a compilation of NTM notifications to the WTO, complemented by TTBD data and imputed product codes. Details

SEE Jobs Gateway Database

This database covers a unique and detailed set of labour market indicators (more than 19,300 time series) for the 6 Western Balkan countries and 4 EU peer countries. Details

Financial Cycles Database

Estimates of financial cycles (credit, housing, debt securities, equity and aggregate financial cycles) for the global sample of 34 countries over 1960Q1-2015Q4. Details

wiiw Import Demand Elasticities

The dataset contains estimates of import demand elasticities for 167 countries and over 5,000 products at the HS 6-digit product level. Details

wiiw Tradability Dataset

The dataset comprises information on a newly created tradability index, an indicator describing a country’s specialisation in the production of tradable goods. Details