Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy

Main research focus

One of our core research areas is the analysis of macroeconomic developments in the CEE, SEE and CIS countries we regularly cover.
As the process of transformation is about to be completed in most of the new member states of the EU and well under way in most candidate countries, issues of integration into the European Union, long-term growth, patterns of specialisation, etc. gain increasing relevance. Likewise, the choice of exchange rate regimes and the path towards EMU integration play an important role.

New directions

One of the key issues for the coming years on which we currently focus will be the policies necessary to overcome the current economic crisis and to return to a stable growth path. The crisis has revealed serious imbalances in some economies and within the European Union itself and wiiw will actively participate in the cross-European discussion regarding necessary reformulations of national and cross-European policy agendas.


In our approach we combine qualitative and quantitative methods. Our long-term experience in country analysis is of crucial importance to the reliability of our analysis and forecasts.
For analysis we draw on our own databases as well as external sources of data.