CESEE Visual Data Explorer

The CESEE Visual Data Explorer is available for members and for those who buy the wiiw Handbook of Statistics, and is updated daily based on the wiiw Annual Database. Cross-country comparisons and benchmarking to regional or sub-regional averages can be visualised quickly and easily. Bespoke charts, accompanied by background data, can be created just in few steps by selecting countries, defining the time period, type of chart and preferred layout.

The data start from 1990 and are available on annual basis. The CESEE Visual Data Explorer covers the key economic indicators and forecasts (if available) of the region such as:

  • Gross domestic product
  • Household final consumption expenditure
  • Gross fixed capital formation
  • Exports of goods and services
  • Manufacturing gross value added
  • Consumer prices
  • Unemployment rate, LFS
  • Average monthly gross wages
  • Current account balance
  • Foreign direct investments inward stock

Access CESEE Visual Data Explorer