Austria & CESEE

Spotlight on various aspects of Austria's economic relations with the countries of Central, East and Southeast Europe (CESEE) with interactive visualisation.



Explore the structure of Austrian trade in goods and services by countries and CESEE regions over time and learn about the importance of Austria as a trading partner for CESEE economies.

Overview | Goods trade | Services trade | Special: Tourism


FDI and Finance

Find out where Austria is investing, where most of FDI income is generated, and for which CESEE economies Austrian FDI is of particular importance. Discover how deep the Austrian banks’ credit exposure to the CESEE region is.

Overview | FDI | Finance


Labour market and Migration

Check out numbers on compensations of employees and remittances transferred to or from Austria, on registered employees and students from CESEE, as well as asylum seekers in Austria.

Overview | People

The underlying data as of beginning of July 2023 come from the Open Data dataset (in German language).
Die zugrundeliegenden Daten stammen aus dem Open Data Datensatz (Stand Juli 2023).