Sectoral studies

Main research focus

Enterprises and sectors are the basis of economic activity and are thus at the core of wiiw research. wiiw activities comprise the analysis of industry patterns and industrial developments, industrial competitiveness and sectoral studies. We pay attention to specific sectors of the economy, their characteristics and the role of structural change within these sectors and in their linkages to the rest of the economy. We focus on industries in the CEE, SEE and CIS countries but often take a comparative perspective, both at the overall European or global level.

New directions

Globalisation – meaning that industries are tightly linked together by production networks which become more and more internationalised – has put forward wiiw research on these issues, including inter-industry linkages both at the domestic and international level. Availability of new data gives novel insights into value-added chains, e.g. of motor vehicle or electronics production. Effects of the crisis on international production integration are also investigated.
Services make up about 70% of economic activities. Thus our research does not only cover manufacturing industries but has moved into research of services as well, looking especially at knowledge-intensive business services.
Energy issues are becoming more and more important. Thus, a particular focus of our research is on issues of energy supply and energy security as well as on restructuring of the energy sector.


Our work is based on the use of industry-level statistics which is increasingly complemented with firm-level information. We model industry developments in terms of future trends (e.g. in technology, changing patterns of demand, etc.), the impact upon other industries and the overall economy, and analyse the impact of changing global patterns of competition, of integration and of trade policy environments upon industrial developments in CEE, SEE and CIS economies.