wiiw Current Analyses and Forecasts

Bulgaria: Economic stalemate continues


Rumen Dobrinsky

in: Double-dip Recession over, yet no Boom in Sight
wiiw Current Analyses and Forecasts No. 11, March 2013 , pp. 61-63

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GDP in Bulgaria grew only marginally in 2012, failing to produce a noticeable mark on the weak economic trajectory of the latest years. A short-lived recovery in private consumption during spring and summer could not be sustained and the deteriorating external environment in the closing months of the year brought renewed concerns of a possible new downturn. The policy stance seems frozen in expectation of the general elections in mid-2013. There is little chance of change in this constellation in the short run, at least until the elections, and the economic growth is likely to remain unimpressive.


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Countries covered: Bulgaria, SEE