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wiiw Handbook of Statistics No. 2014, December 2014

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Table II/1 / Albania: Main economic indicators
Table III/1.1 / Albania: GDP and gross value added by activities
Table III/2.1 / Albania: GDP by expenditure
Table III/3.1 / Albania: Gross fixed investment by activities
Table III/4.1 / Albania: Employment by activities
Table III/5.1 / Albania: Average gross monthly wages by activities
Table III/6.1 / Albania: Foreign trade by the top twenty partners
Table III/7.1 / Albania: Trade by SITC commodity groups
Table III/8.1 / Albania: FDI inward stock
Table III/9.1 / Albania: Balance of payments
Table III/9.1.X / Albania: Balance of payments

I._Cross-country overview.xls

Table I/1 / Population
Table I/2 / Gross domestic product, real growth
Table I/3 / Gross domestic product at exchange rates
Table I/4 / Gross domestic product per capita at exchange rates
Table I/5 / Gross domestic product per capita at PPPs
Table I/6 / Gross domestic product per capita at PPPs relative to EU-28
Table I/7 / Final consumption expenditures of households
Table I/8 / Gross fixed capital formation
Table I/9 / Exports of goods and services
Table I/10 / Imports of goods and services
Table I/11 / Gross industrial production
Table I/12 / Gross agricultural production
Table I/13 / Construction output
Table I/14 / Employed persons - LFS
Table I/15 / Unemployment rate - LFS
Table I/16 / Average gross monthly wages, nominal
Table I/17 / Average gross monthly wages, real
Table I/18 / Unit labour costs
Table I/19 / Consumer prices
Table I/20 / Producer prices in industry
Table I/21 / General government gross debt
Table I/22 / General government budget balance
Table I/23 / Central bank policy rate
Table I/24 / Current account, EUR mn
Table I/25 / Current account, % of GDP
Table I/26 / Gross external debt, % of GDP
Table I/27 / Gross external debt, EUR bn
Table I/28 / Foreign direct investment inflow
Table I/29 / Foreign direct investment inward stock
Table I/30 / Nominal exchange rate
Table I/31 / Real exchange rate appreciation (PPI deflated)
Table I/24.X / Current account, EUR mn
Table I/25.X / Current account, % of GDP


Map I/1 Population change, growth in %
Map I/2 Gross domestic product, real growth in %
Map I/3 Gross domestic product per capita at PPPs, 2013
Map I/4 Gross fixed capital formation, in % of GDP
Map I/5 Exports of goods and services, in % of GDP
Map I/6 Export of machinery and transport equipment (SITC 7) in total exports, in %
Map I/7 Share of manufacturing, in % of GVA, 2013
Map I/8 Share of agriculture, in % of GVA, 2013
Map I/9 Share of construction, in % of GVA, 2013
Map I/10 Employment rate, in %
Map I/11 Unemployment rate in %, 2013
Map I/12 Unit labour costs development
Map I/13 General government gross debt, in % of GDP, 2013
Map I/14 Gross external debt, in % of GDP, 2013
Map I/15 Foreign direct investment inward stock, in % of GDP, 2013


Reference to wiiw databases: wiiw Annual Database, wiiw FDI Database

Countries covered: Albania