David Pichler


e-Mail: pichler@wiiw.ac.at
telephone: (+43-1) 533 66 10-87

David Pichler is Economist at wiiw. His research focus is on labour markets, macroeconomics and public policy. In particular, his field of interest encompasses technological progress, labour mobility, education and skills. Prior to joining wiiw, David has been working for Bruegel where he analysed regional labour market implications of automating technologies as well as topics on monetary and public policy. During traineeships at the European Central Bank and the European Investment Bank he conducted sovereign debt sustainability analysis for EU countries and evaluated the macroeconomic impact of the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI), respectively. He obtained a Master’s degree in Economics from Warwick University after completing his undergraduate programme in Economics at the University of Graz, Austria.

Austria, Vienna

List of Publications

External Publications wiiw Publications

External Publications

Shorter papers and comments
  • 'An update: sovereign bond holdings in the euro area – the impact of quantitative easing' (with Pia Hüttl), Bruegel Blog, October 10th, 2017
  • 'Employment in Europe and the US: the EU’s remarkable strength' (with Zsolt Darvas), Bruegel Blog, September 28th, 2017
Other working papers and discussion series
  • 'Pushing on a String? An evaluation of regional economic cooperation in the Western Balkans' (with Richard Grieveson, Mario Holzner, Isilda Mara and Goran Vukšić), Bertelsmann Stiftung (Hrsg.), 2020
  • 'Analysis of developments in EU capital flows in the global context' (with Gregory Claeys, Maria Demertzis, Konstantinos Efstathiou, Ines Goncalves Raposo and Alexander Lehmann), FISMA Report, 2019
  • 'Excess liquidity and bank lending risks in the euro area' (with Zsolt Darvas), Bruegel Policy Contribution, No. 16, September 2018
  • 'The macroeconomic implications of healthcare' (with Zsolt Darvas, Nicolas Moes and Yana Myachenkova), Bruegel Policy Contribution, No. 11, August 2018
  • 'The impact of industrial robots on EU employment and wages: A local labour market approach' (with Francesco Chiacchio and Georgios Petropoulos), Bruegel Working Paper, No. 2, April 2018

wiiw Publications

wiiw Monthly Reports
  • 'Digitisation as a future growth engine for CESEE', Monthly Report No. 11/2019, wiiw Monthly Report, No. 11, Vienna, November 2019, pp. 11-18
wiiw Working Papers
  • 'Breaking Through the Digital Ceiling: ICT Skills and Labour Market Opportunities' (with Robert Stehrer), wiiw Working Paper, No. 193, Vienna, February 2021
  • 'Public and Private Pension Systems and Macroeconomic Volatility in OECD Countries' (with Mario Holzner and Stefan Jestl), wiiw Working Paper, No. 172, Vienna, December 2019