Aleksandr Arsenev


telephone: (+43-1) 533 66 10-84

Aleksandr Arsenev is Economist at wiiw. His research focuses on macroeconomic analysis and fiscal policy, with the current project involving the analysis of how business cycle impacts the fiscal spending of EU countries. Aleksandr is a recent graduate of Central European University in Vienna (M.A. in Public Policy) and holds a B.A. in Political Science from the Higher School of Economics in Saint Petersburg. His previous work experience involves political consultancy positions and a position of a research analyst at a due diligence company.

Austria, Vienna

wiiw Publications

wiiw Monthly Reports
  • 'Chart of the month: The war dividend', in: Vasily Astrov (eds), Monthly Report No. 6/2024, wiiw Monthly Report, No. 6, Vienna, June 2024, pp. 7-9
wiiw Research Reports
  • 'The Emissions Reduction Potential for Freight Transport on a High-speed Rail Line Along the ‘European Silk Road’' (with Erica Angers and Mario Holzner), wiiw Research Report, No. 472, Vienna, September 2023
wiiw Working Papers
  • 'Gender and Education Gaps in Employment: New Evidence for the EU' (with Meryem Gökten, Philipp Heimberger, Andreas Lichtenberger and Bernhard Schütz), wiiw Working Paper, No. 251, Vienna, June 2024
  • 'Full Employment: A Survey of Theory, Empirics and Policies' (with Meryem Gökten, Philipp Heimberger and Andreas Lichtenberger), wiiw Working Paper, No. 249, Vienna, June 2024
  • 'The Cyclical Behaviour of Government Spending for Social Protection: Is the OECD Methodology Robust?' (with Philipp Heimberger and Bernhard Schütz), wiiw Working Paper, No. 238, Vienna, December 2023
wiiw Research Reports in German Language
  • 'Das konjunkturelle Verhalten der Staatsausgaben für Gesundheit und Soziales in Österreich und Deutschland: Wie robust ist die OECD-Methodik?' (with Philipp Heimberger and Bernhard Schütz), wiiw Research Report in German language, No. 25, Vienna, February 2024