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The Ukrainian Economy between Russia and the Enlarged EU: Consequences for Trade and Investment

Vasily Astrov, Zdenek Lukas and Josef Pöschl
wiiw country profile No. 23, March 2006


Macedonia: Search for Stability without Growth

Vladimir Gligorov and Silvana Mojsovska
wiiw country profile No. 22, July 2005


Turkey: Macroeconomic Vulnerability, Competitiveness and the Labour Market

Vasily Astrov, Josef Pöschl, Hermine Vidovic and Julia Wörz
wiiw country profile No. 21, April 2005


EU Enlargement: Growth, Competitiveness and Some Challenges Facing the Future Member States

Peter Havlik
wiiw country profile No. 20, November 2003


Serbia and Montenegro: Transition with Organized Crime

Vladimir Gligorov
wiiw country profile No. 19, July 2003


The Accession Treaty and Consequences for New EU Members

Sandor Richter
wiiw country profile No. 18, April 2003


The EU Enlargement Process: Current State of Play and Stumbling Blocks

Sandor Richter
wiiw country profile No. 17, April 2002


The Caspian States of the Former Soviet Union: Recent Economic Performance and Prospects in Light of the September Events

Helen Boss Heslop
wiiw country profile No. 16, December 2001


Bosnia and Herzegovina after Five Years of Reconstruction

Josef Pöschl
wiiw country profile Update, October 2001 (Update)


Russia - Ukraine - CIS at the beginning of the year 2000. Hybrid economies benefit from devaluation

Vasily Astrov, Helen Boss Heslop and Peter Havlik
wiiw country profile No. 14, March 2000