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BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Newly approved EU candidate status offers glimmer of hope


Selena Duraković

in: Sailing Through Rough Waters
wiiw Forecast Report No. Spring 2023, April 2023 , pp. 45-47

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Growth in 2022 was 3.9%. This was better than expected, thanks to a rise in private consumption and gross capital formation. However, the continuing high inflation and increasing interest rates are likely to drag growth in 2023 down to 1.7%. The formation of governments after the October 2022 elections is not yet quite complete, but the shape of most of the structures is clear and reveals a slight move away from nationalist parties. The country gained EU candidate status in December 2022, even though the conditions required had not been met. This could provide a fillip to the country’s progress in the coming period. 


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Countries covered: Bosnia and Herzegovina