wiiw Current Analyses and Forecasts

Bosnia and Herzegovina: The choice between take-off and slow growth


Josef Pöschl

in: Recovery - in Low Gear across Tough Terrain
wiiw Current Analyses and Forecasts No. 7, March 2011 , pp. 91-93

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is experiencing a mild upswing: a trend that is confirmed by statistics, but hardly registered by the general public. Unemployment that was already extremely high prior to the crisis has increased still further compared to the pre-crisis years. Other segments of society were far less hard hit (or not at all) by the crisis, especially those employed in the large government sector. An engine for stronger growth, however, is lacking; it is nowhere to be seen. For the most part, funds from the EU and IFIs keep investment in infrastructure on track. Exports are increasing thanks to a growing demand for metals; however, they cover but half of the country’s imports. GDP growth may gradually increase to 3% by 2013; that is not much for a country ranked as an 'emerging market'.


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Countries covered: Bosnia and Herzegovina, SEE