Subscription FAQ

What is the difference between Membership and Subscription

By becoming a Member, you get a 'Service package' consisting of several wiiw products (publications, databases, seminars, consulting) for a minimum of 1 year. By purchasing an annual wiiw Subscription, you get all issues of one product within one full year (in case of publications) or online access for one full year (in case of databases).

What is the duration of a Subscription?

A Subscription always lasts for one year, starting with the date of the purchase (other than wiiw Memberships, whose duration is always for one calender year, 1st January to 31st December).

How can I cancel a Subscription?

A Subscription is always purchased for one year and will not be renewed automatically (in contrast to Memberships that are renewed automatically if you do not cancel them). Therefore, a cancellation is not necessary. Approximately two months before the expiration of your subscription, you will be notified about this fact and get instructions how you can easily renew it. If you don't get active, your Subscription will expire.

How many users are covered by 1 Subscription?

One Subscription is for a single user licence. For multiple user licences we offer special agreements. There are e.g. discounts for academic institutions. Please get in touch with if you want to obtain more than one user licence.

How do I order/pay for the Subscription?

The process is different for data and publications. You can subscribe to a database by accessing the database subsite and adding the respective product to the shopping cart (using the 'Add to cart' link). Here are the direct links to all of our subscribable products: If you want to subscribe to publications (either printed hardcopies or digital downloads), please contact, who will give you further instructions. A facility to buy subscriptions for publications online is currently under development.