Membership FAQ

How do I become a Member?

Please send an e-mail to Ms. Barbara Pill or get in contact with her by telephone. She will send you an information leaflet and an order form. As soon as you have sent the filled-in and signed order form via fax or regular mail, you will receive an invoice. Immediately after the payment has been registered at the wiiw bank account, you will receive a confirming e-mail and will be able to register at the wiiw website as a Member.

What are the advantages of Membership?

You get preferential access to up-to-date data and in-depth analysis on Central and East European Countries. For a full list of services included in the two types of available memberships, please check the overview page and the feature comparison table.

How can I download a publication?

Please be sure that you are logged in as a Member at our website before you download a publication. If you have no username/password, please register first and wait for the e-mail confirmation. Then enter the 'publications' area in the main menu. You can choose a particular publication series in the submenu or use the publication search facility. You should see a download link directly below every publication. If you cannot find a download link below the publication, you are probably not logged in.

How can I download data from a database?

Please be sure that you are logged in as a Member at our website. Then enter the database subsite on our website ( and consult the extensive Help&FAQ section in this area.

What is the duration of a Membership?

Memberships are always obtained for one calender year, i.e. 1st January to 31st December (other than Annual Subscriptions which always start with the date of the purchase and are then valid for 365 days). Membership is renewed automatically if it is not cancelled one month before the expiration date, i.e. by 30th November.

How many user accounts are covered with a Membership?

Usually, 5 user accounts are included in a Membership. If you need more than 5 user accounts, please get in contact with our customer service for special agreements.

When does the yearly Members' Seminar take place?

The yearly Members' Seminar (also called 'Spring Seminar') usually takes place in late March. Your will get a notification by e-mail as soon as the date is confirmed.

How do I cancel the Membership?

Please send a letter to the following address before 30th November of the calender year informing us about the cancellation:

The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies
Attn.: Ms. Barbara Pill
Rahlgasse 3
1060 Vienna, Austria