Decline to Follow Uneven FDI Inflow Growth


Gabor Hunya and Monika Schwarzhappel

wiiw FDI Report No. 2008-06, June 2008
114 pages including 84 Tables and 4 Figures

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FDI inflows reached a new high in 2007 in the CEEC region as a whole. Within the region, the shift of new investments to the East continued: a decline or at best stagnation was recorded in the NMS, modest growth in Southeast Europe, and a boom in the CIS. For the first time, the four European CIS countries received more FDI than the NMS-10, which was mainly due to the continuing investment boom in Russia. In the NMS the stock of FDI is shifting from manufacturing to services, first of all to real estate and other business activities. The current account impact of FDI in connection with the investment development path is investigated in a special section.

FDI inflows to the CEECs will face a setback in 2008. This expectation is confirmed by preliminary first-quarter data. Lower FDI flows to CEECs have to do with the global financial turbulence, the declining rate of economic growth in Europe and also with home-made problems and cyclical events in some of the countries.

The analysis is followed by two sets of tables: Tables I contain total flow and stock data according to the respective countries' National Banks while Tables II provide more detailed FDI data by economic activities and by countries. The main source of data are the National Banks of the individual Central, East and Southeast European countries. FDI flows are taken from the balance of payments, stocks from the international investment position statistics.

The print (PDF) version includes data on

  • FDI total inflow/outflow in EUR and USD, 2000-2007
  • FDI total inward/outward stock in EUR and USD, 2000-2007
  • FDI per capita (flow, stock) and selected other reference parameters on FDI, 2000-2007
  • FDI inflow/outflow by form in EUR, 2000-2007
  • FDI income (inflow and outflow) in EUR, 2000-2007
  • FDI inward/outward stock data by activity (NACE A-Q, DA-DN), 2003-2006 or 2004 2007
  • FDI inward/outward stock data by home/host country, 2003-2006 or 2004-2007

The CD-ROM version contains in addition

  • longer time series: from 1990 onwards (as far as available)
  • more detailed breakdown by industries (NACE 15-37)
  • FDI inflow/outflow by activity (NACE A-Q, DA-DN, 15-37) and by home/host country - available for some countries
  • FDI stock by form


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Keywords: foreign direct investment, acquisition, outsourcing, privatization, statistics, new EU member states, Southeast Europe, CIS

JEL classification: C82, F21, O57, P23

Countries covered: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Baltic States, SEE, Visegrad countries

Research Areas: International Trade, Competitiveness and FDI