Email your MEP to act about Hungary

09 September 2015

In these critical days local NGOs prove humanity and courage by providing immediate support to refugees in Hungary. wiiw forwards their call for help.

In the last few days shocking pictures came from the barbed wire fence, hundreds of people camping at the main railway station in Budapest, columns of refugees marching on the highways through the country toward the Austrian border. The world is also well informed about the position of the Hungarian government on the case of the refugees and the treatment of these people in practice. What is less known, but deserves more attention, are the courageous activities of Hungarian NGOs in these critical days. The NGOs distribute food and drinking water, sleeping bags, sanitary articles, provide medical treatment, translation services, distribution of donated goods, they play with the refugee children and support the refugees in orientation concerning their rights.

The biggest and most efficient NGO is the ‘Migrant Solidarity Group in Hungary’ (Migszol) which also has an English language website. Another important NGO is Migration Aid.

As a tribute to Migszol’s valuable humanitarian activity, wiiw forwards below their call to action: ‘Email your MEP to act about Hungary’:

‘Our followers and friends all over Europe have asked us in the last months and weeks what can they do about the plight of refugees in Hungary. Now there is something you can personally do: email your member of the European Parliament and demand them to act about the suffering of asylum seekers in Hungary and about the new draconian legislation that will allow all asylum seekers to be deported to Serbia.

Please see here the template we have prepared, you can copy it to your message and add some flavour of your own, and share this among your networks.  It is time to demand political change from people who are competent to make it happen. Thank you!’

You can find the mail template here.