Forecasting skill supply and demand in Europe

Client/Funding Institution

European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP)


The general aim of the project was to develop a robust system for regular medium-term forecasts of skill needs (demand and supply) at a pan-European level. This was to be based on available comparative data. wiiw cooperated with Alphametrics in this project and was part of a larger consortium. The role of both institutions was to deliver a coherent and validated set of data based on EU-LFS for the projection exercise. These data comprise detailed employment figures for supply and demand broken down by several characteristics (sex, age, education, occupation) for the EU-27+2 countries over the period 1995-2006.


February 2011 - December 2012

wiiw team Leader

Robert Stehrer

wiiw Staff

Ronald Hartwig, Robert Stehrer

Project Partners

Warwick Institute for Employment Research, Alphametrics, Research Centre for the Education and the Labour Market (ROA), Cambridge Econometrics,

External Publications

Skills supply and demand in Europe. A Methodological framework by Ben Gardiner, Robert Stehrer, Terry Ward, Rob Wilson et al., CEDEFOP Research Paper No. 25, The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP), 2012

Keywords: labour market, skills

Countries covered: EU27

Research Areas: Labour, Migration and Income Distribution