How the Global Economy Became a House of Cards and What Lies Ahead

The presentation will focus on the key factors that contributed to the financial crisis in the United States, the sequence of events that transformed the global economy into a house of cards, the policy responses under the Bush administration and the Obama administration to date, and the challenges that lie ahead.

Peter Isard has his PhD in Economics from Stanford University. He held research and management positions at U.S. Federal Reserve Board during 1972-1985, then various managerial positions with the International Monetary Fund during 1985-2008, primarily in the Research Department. He played a lead role in helping Lithuania design an economic transformation programme during 1991-1992. Retired as Deputy Director of the IMF Institute in June 2008. Peter Isard has published numerous articles in academic journals, primarily on exchange rates and monetary policy strategies. He has published two books - Exchange Rate Economics (1995) and Globalization and the International Financial System (2005) - and edited several others.


Countries covered: Central, East and Southeast Europe