wiiw Handbook of Statistics - Chapter

II. Data by countries - Russia

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wiiw Handbook of Statistics No. 2013, November 2013

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Chapter II. Structural indicators - Russia

  • Main economic indicators
  • GDP and gross value added by activities - NACE Rev. 1
  • Employment by activities - NACE Rev. 1
  • Labour productivity and wages by activities - NACE Rev. 1
  • GDP by expenditure
  • Gross fixed investment by activities - NACE Rev. 1
  • Foreign trade by country groupings
  • Exports to the top thirty partners
  • Imports from the top thirty partners
  • Exports and imports by SITC commodity groups
  • Balance of payments

Chapter I. Cross-country overview - Key macroeconomic indicators

  • Overview developments 2011-2012 and outlook 2013-2015
  • An overview of economic fundamentals in 2012
  • Gross domestic product at exchange rates
  • Gross domestic product at purchasing power parities (PPPs)
  • Gross domestic product per capita at PPPs
  • Gross domestic product
  • Consumption of households
  • Consumption of government
  • Gross fixed capital formation
  • Gross industrial production
  • Gross agricultural production
  • Population
  • Natural increase of population
  • Employed persons - LFS
  • Employment rate - LFS
  • Unemployment rate - LFS
  • Unit labour costs
  • Average gross monthly wages
  • Consumer prices
  • Producer prices in industry
  • General government budget balance
  • General government gross debt
  • Current account
  • Exports of goods (BOP)
  • Imports of goods (BOP)
  • Exports of services (BOP)
  • Imports of services (BOP)
  • Gross external debt
  • Gross reserves of NB excluding gold
  • Foreign direct investment inflow
  • Foreign direct investment inward stock
  • FDI inward stock in New EU Member States by country of origin
  • FDI inward stock in SEE, Russia and Ukraine by country of origin
  • FDI inward stock in New EU Member States by activities
  • FDI inward stock in SEE, Russia and Ukraine by activities
  • Exchange rates
  • Real exchange rates
  • Purchasing power parities
  • Export prices
  • Import prices
  • Terms of trade


Reference to wiiw databases: wiiw Annual Database, wiiw FDI Database

Countries covered: Russia