Kurt Rothschild Prize 2022 awarded to Michael Landesmann

12 July 2022

wiiw’s Senior Research Associate has been recognised for his academic achievements and contribution to policy debates.

We are delighted to announce that Michael Landesmann, wiiw Research Associate and former Scientific Director, has been awarded this year's main Kurt Rothschild prize in recognition of his exceptional academic achievements and longstanding contributions to economic policy debates.

The Kurt Rothschild Prize honours researchers who not only conduct excellent research, but also prepare their findings for a broad audience and contribute to the economic policy debate. In this, these researchers are carrying on the legacy of Kurt W. Rothschild, who experienced the disastrous economic and social consequences of the Great Depression of the 1930s in Austria, and who later helped shape post-war Austrian economic policy.

Michael's active presence in the public discussion of economic policy both at the national and international level, made him the ideal candidate for this year's prize. His research focuses on Austrian and international economic integration, structural change, labour markets and migration. These are issues of particularly high contemporary resonance, and Michael comments regularly on them at public events and in the media.