Macroeconomic Forecast

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Macroeconomic Forecast - Solomanagement Sberbank Europe AG: The wiiw team produced a short and a long version of a macroeconomic report in German and in English for the group and for the solo management report of Sberbank Europa AG. This report contained an analysis of the situation in 2020 as well as a forecast for 2021 for three regions: i) the world, ii) the EU and SEE/SEE, as well as iii) for eight countries: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Coratia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia).


December 2020 - January 2021

wiiw team Leader

Vasily Astrov

wiiw Staff

Vasily Astrov, Alexandra Bykova, Magdalena Höllhuber

Countries covered: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, CEE, Croatia, Czechia, EU, Germany, Hungary, SEE, Serbia, Slovenia

Research Areas: Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy