Monthly Report No. 10/2022


Vasily Astrov, Andrei V. Belyi, Tetiana Bogdan and Vladislav L. Inozemtsev

wiiw Monthly Report No. 10, October 2022
53 pages including 6 Tables and 31 Figures

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  • Chart of the Month: Gas supply cuts as Russia’s weapon in the economic war with the West
    by Vasily Astrov
  • Gazprom’s gas exit
    by Andrei V. Belyi
    By going to war with Ukraine, Russia clearly chose the short-term geopolitical agenda over its longer-term economic interests. In the aftermath of the EU sanctions and Russia’s counter-sanctions, there is only one major gas export route to the EU that remains unaffected by Russia’s supply cuts: the one via Turkey. Meanwhile, deliveries via the Yamal-Europe pipeline, Nord Stream 1 and Ukraine have all suffered to varying degrees. Thus, ironically, Gazprom has helped the EU in its efforts to reduce its dependence on Russian gas by two thirds by the end of the year.
  • Opinion Corner: Russia’s economic suicide, act 2
    by Vladislav Inozemtsev
    The economic consequences of the recently announced military mobilisation in Russia will be dramatic and manifold. Up to 8% of the male workforce will be lost, consumption and investment will suffer, and new Western sanctions are on the cards. As a result, Russian GDP could decline by 10% this year.
  • Ukraine’s public finances: radical change in time of war
    by Tetiana Bogdan
    Since the start of the Russian aggression, Ukraine’s government revenues have plunged sharply; by contrast, expenditure has risen on the back of defence spending. So far, the ensuing fiscal gap has been covered by a combination of foreign aid and deficit monetisation; but more foreign aid will be needed to face the upcoming challenges.
  • Monthly and quarterly statistics for Central, East and Southeast Europe


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Keywords: gas exports, economic war, Yamal-Europe, Nord Stream, gas transit via Ukraine, TurkStream, partial mobilisation, labour supply, domestic demand, budget revenues, budget expenditures, budget deficit financing, seigniorage

Countries covered: EU, Russia, Ukraine, United Kindom

Research Areas: Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy, Labour, Migration and Income Distribution, Sectoral studies