New 'Open Data' section established on wiiw website

09 February 2017

A tradability dataset is the first free download to encourage other researchers to reproduce our research results or to start own calculations. More datasets to follow.

wiiw supports the European Open Science Agenda, an initiative encouraging the re-use of research output. The aim of this initiative is to make research results more accessible, contributing to better and more efficient science and to innovation. In the new 'Open Data' section, wiiw provides open access to data that were generated in the course of publicly funded research projects. For each dataset we provide the data and indicators, a technical description of the data and calculations, and the related publications.

We invite other researchers to reproduce the results of our research and to reuse the data for their own research projects.

The first dataset published in the new section comprises information on a newly created tradability index, an indicator describing a country’s specialisation in the production of tradable goods. The index may also predict export openness of a country, given its economic structure. The tradability index is calculated on the basis of ‘tradability scores’ of 14 broadly defined sectors, using export-to-value-added ratios. Data are provided for a sample of 46 European countries over the period 1995-2014.

The dataset is an outcome of a project financed by the Anniversary Fund  of The Oesterreichische Nationalbank. The related publications  are Roman Stöllinger’s recent wiiw Working Paper ‘Tradability of Output and the Current Account: An Empirical Investigation for Europe’, and serves as the basis for the wiiw Statistical Report ‘Tradability Index: A Comprehensive Measure for the Tradability of Output’.