Monthly Report No. 3/2014


Vasily Astrov, Neil Foster-McGregor, Sandra M. Leitner, Robert Stehrer and Roman Stöllinger

wiiw Monthly Report No. 3, March 2014
28 pages including 13 Tables and 7 Figures

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  • Graph of the month: Share of foreign value added in the exports of selected countries
  • Opinion corner: What might be the economic consequences of a potential territorial break-up of Ukraine? (by Vasily Astrov)
  • Trade integration, vertical specialisation and employment growth in the new Member States (by Sandra Leitner and Robert Stehrer)
  • Trade in jobs: a counterfactual exercise (by Robert Stehrer and Roman Stöllinger)
  • Vertical trade and business cycle correlations (by Neil Foster-McGregor)
  • Recommended reading
  • Statistical Annex: Selected monthly data on the economic situation in Central, East and Southeast Europe


Reference to wiiw databases: wiiw Monthly Database

Keywords: value added, foreign trade, Ukraine, territorial break-up, trade integration, vertical specialisation, employment, exports, imports, vertical trade, business cycles

Countries covered: Asia, Canada, European Union, New EU Member States, non specific, OECD, Ukraine, USA, BRICs, Indonesia

Research Areas: Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy, Labour, Migration and Income Distribution, International Trade, Competitiveness and FDI