Bosnia and Herzegovina after Five Years of Reconstruction


Josef Pöschl

wiiw country profile No. 15, October 2001 Update

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Even under favourable conditions economic recovery will take time in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH). Economically, the country will probably remain on the track that it is already running down. A miracle in terms of GDP, income and employment growth is unlikely, given that no change in the handling of economic matters is in sight. It would be misguided to hope that recent developments such as the abolition of the former accounting system and the ongoing deregulation of companies will yield swift gains. On the contrary, both programmes will lead to disruptions in the short term, and the achievement of positive results will take a number of years.

The issue of kick-starting economic recovery in the Balkans remains very much an item on the agenda. Over the next few years, the experience gained in Bosnia and Herzegovina should benefit the region as a whole.


Keywords: Bosnia, BiH, economy, reconstruction, aid, Balkan, business, investment, banking

JEL classification: O52, K42, P30

Countries covered: Bosnia and Herzegovina, SEE

Research Areas: Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy