Knowledge-Based Regional Development in Albania and Kosovo - Reducing social and economic disparities through social and economic innovation

Client/Funding Institution

Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI)


The purpose of this research project (consisting of joint research and a workshop) is to investigate to what extent and in what ways, if at all, strategies, policy interventions and programmes for the development of a knowledge-based society in Albania and Kosovo could contribute to sustainable regional development. This research project seeks to explore how knowledge-based regional development can impact social and economic disparities. In this sense, the research project will investigate the potential conflict between knowledge-based growth and social cohesion given the gap in knowledge production between urban and peripheral areas. This research project intends to explore the concept of “knowledge-based regional development”, i.e. regional development through social and economic innovation which is informed by the outcomes of the partnership (Triple Helix) between government, business and research in academia in the context of Albania and Kosovo.


January 2014 - September 2014

wiiw team Leader

Roman Römisch

wiiw Staff

Veronika Janyrova

Countries covered: Albania, Kosovo

Research Areas: Regional Development