Roman Römisch


telephone: (+43-1) 533 66 10-19

Roman Römisch is Economist at wiiw. His research focuses on regional economic developments and national accounts and macroeconomic analysis. Moreover, he has a strong background in quantitative analysis. He has worked on and also coordinated major European studies on regional economic development, such as Economic Challenges of Lagging Regions (DG Regio, 2015-2016), Establishment of consolidated financial data 1989-2013 (DG Regio, 2015-2016) or WP13 Geography of Expenditures (DG Regio, 2014-2015) – as part of the Ex post evaluation of Cohesion policy programmes 2007-2013. Roman Römisch holds an M.A. degree in Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.

Austria, Vienna

External Publications

Articles in refereed journals
  • 'On the appropriate measure of tax burden on Foreign Direct Investment to the CEECs' (with Christian Bellak and Markus Leibrecht), Applied Economics Letters, Vol. 14, No. 8, 2007, pp. 603-606
Articles in books
  • 'Wirtschaftspolitische Motive für EU-Förderungen in den neuen Mitgliedstaaten' (with Sandor Richter), in: Angela Platzer and Hannah Rieger (eds), Handbuch EU - konformer Förderungen, mi-Wirtschaftsbuch, 2009, pp. 157-221
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Other working papers and discussion series
  • 'Socio-Economic Assessment of the Danube Region: State of the Region, Challenges and Strategy Development - Final Report Part I Update' (with Martin Achtnicht, Bernhard Boockmann, Mariela Borell, Gabor Hunya, Günther Klee, Raimund Krumm, Bettina Müller and Hermine Vidovic), ZEW Gutachen, Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry of Finance and Economics, 2015
  • 'Geography of Expenditure' (with Andrea Ciffolilli, Stefano Condello and Marco Pompili), Final Report of Work Package 13: Ex post evaluation of Cohesion Policy programmes 2007-2013, focusing on the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Cohesion Fund (CF), August 2015
  • 'Economic and Social Convergence in the EU - A Policy Note' (with Sebastian Leitner), GRINCOH Working Paper Series, No. 1.13, 2015
  • 'Database of Regional Inequality Measures', GRINCOH Working Paper Series, No. 1.12, 2015
  • 'Estimating Regional Inequality: A Methodological Shortcut', GRINCOH Working Paper Series, No. 1.02, 2015
  • 'Ausländische Direktinvestitionen in Wien' (with Gabor Hunya and Roman Stöllinger), Wirtschaftsagentur Wien, started September 2012
  • 'Analysis of the Main Factors of Regional Growth: An in-depth study of the best and worst performing European regions' (with Applica and Cambridge Econometrics), European Commission, DG Regional Policy, 2007-2012
  • 'CENTROPE Capacity, Pilot Activity "CENTROPE Regional Development Report"' (with Karol Frank, Peter Huber, Mihály Lados and Petr Rozmahel), ARGE CENTROPE Agency, 2010-2012
  • 'Foreign Trade and FDI in the Austrian Regions – A new methodology to estimate regional trade and an analysis of the crisis effects', FIW Research Reports 2012/13, No.1, October 2012
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  • 'A Note on the Appropriate Measure of Tax Burden on Foreign Direct Investment to the CEECs' (with Christian Bellak and Markus Leibrecht), HWWA Discussion Paper, No. 336, 2005
  • 'Modell, Finanzierung und Auswirkungen eines erwerbsunabhängigen Grundeinkommens für Österreich' (with Karen Imhof), Interuniversitäres Institut für Forschung und Fortbildung (IFF)

wiiw Publications

wiiw Forecast Reports
  • 'Special topic: Debt dynamics, flow of funds and deleveraging: a CEE–GIPS comparison' (with Vladimir Gligorov, Mario Holzner and Michael Landesmann), Recovery: Limp and Battered, No. 8, Vienna, July 2011, pp. 30-49
wiiw Monthly Reports
  • 'Austria’s economic geography position in Europe', Monthly Report No. 10/2017, No. 10, Vienna, October 2017, p. 6-12
  • 'Austria’s position in the EU Strategy for the Danube Region', Monthly Report No. 9/2016, No. 9, Vienna, September 2016, pp. 6-9
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  • 'Regional heterogeneity in the Danube Region', Monthly Report No. 5/2015, No. 5, Vienna, May 2015, pp. 4-9
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  • 'Regional disparities in Turkey', Monthly Report No. 9/2014, No. 9, Vienna, September 2014, p. 9-12
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wiiw Research Reports
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wiiw Working Papers
  • 'An Alternative Formulation of the Devereux-Griffith Effective Average Tax Rates for International Investment' (with Markus Leibrecht), wiiw Working Paper, No. 39, Vienna, May 2006
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wiiw Balkan Observatory Working Papers
  • 'Estimating agglomeration in the EU and the Western Balkan regions', wiiw Balkan Observatory Working Paper, No. 117, Vienna, November 2015
wiiw Research Reports in German Language
  • 'Aktuelle Entwicklungen und Trends in den Regionen Mittelost-/Südosteuropas und des Donauraums' (with Helmut Hiess), wiiw Research Report in German language, No. 6, Vienna, April 2017
Other wiiw publications
  • 'Arbeitskosten, Steuerbelastung und Wettbewerbsfähigkeit in Österreich im Vergleich mit ausgewählten CEEs' (with Peter Havlik and Sebastian Leitner), wiiw Statistical Report, No. 4, Vienna, April 2011
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