Monthly Report No. 8-9/2008


Vasily Astrov, Peter Havlik, Milos Pick and Roman Römisch

wiiw Monthly Report No. 8-9, September 2008
36 pages including 11 Tables and 8 Figures

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  • Economic consequences of the Georgian-Russian conflict (by P. Havlik and V. Astrov, pp. 1-11)
    Keywords: Georgia, Russia, conflict, war
    Countries covered: Georgia, Russia
    Topics: Macroeconomic Analysis, Forecasts and Policy
  • EU Structural funds in Central and East European Countries (by R. Römisch, pp. 12-20)
    Keywords: structural funds, EU, NMS
    Countries covered: New EU Member States
    Topics: Regional Development
  • Czechoslovak economic reforms in the 1960s (by O. Turek and M. Pick, pp. 21-25)
    Keywords: Czechoslovakia, economic reforms, socialism
    Countries covered: Czechoslovakia
    Topics: Other
  • Statistics: wiiw Database on Foreign Direct Investment in Central, East and Southeast Europe, 2000-2007 (pp. 27-33)
  • Guide to wiiw statistical services on Central, East and Southeast Europe, Russia and Ukraine (p. 34)


Reference to wiiw databases: wiiw Monthly Database

Keywords: Georgia, Russia, conflict, war, structural funds, EU, NMS, Czechoslovakia, economic reforms, socialism,

Countries covered: Czech Republic, Georgia, New EU Member States, Russia, Visegrad countries

Research Areas: Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy, Regional Development