Online Annex – Economic Challenges of Lagging Regions: Annex II – Econometric Analysis and Supplemental Tables


Stefan Jestl and Roman Römisch

wiiw Research Report No. 426, December 2017
49 pages including 41 Tables and 12 Figures

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This report is an annex to wiiw Research Report 423, ‘Economic Challenges of Lagging Regions III: Recent Investment Trends and Needs’. Based on spatial econometric methods, it provides estimates and simulations of the investment effects on economic development in the EU lagging regions. It also provides additional data related to the analysis in wiiw Research Report 423.


Keywords: regional economic development, EU, lagging regions, regional policy, economic challenges, investment, foreign direct investment, structural funds

JEL classification: C15, C31, C80, R11, Y10

Countries covered: Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain

Research Areas: Regional Development