Migration Drivers in Carbon-intensive Regions in the EU


Stefan Jestl and Roman Römisch

wiiw Working Paper No. 236, November 2023
46 pages including 14 Tables and 14 Figures

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The paper analyses drivers of migration in carbon-intensive and non-carbon-intensive regions in the EU. Using a mix of econometric methods, such as spatial panel and spatial cross-sectional methods, as well as geographically weighted regressions on data for EU NUTS-2 and NUTS-3 regions, the results indicate that particularly carbon-intensive regions in Central and Eastern Europe are not only challenged by a potential decline in carbon-intensive employment but also by outward migration flows that could diminish their prospects for longer-term economic prosperity. From a policy point of view, the results indicate that policies focusing on the replacement of the lost jobs in carbon-intensive industries might not be enough for the carbon-intensive regions in Central and Eastern Europe. Instead, these regions need a simultaneous package of additional policies to improve their attractiveness.


Keywords: carbon-intensive regions, green transition, regional migration

JEL classification: Q50, R11, R23

Countries covered: European Union

Research Areas: Regional Development