Monthly Report special issue Spring Seminar No. S1/2003


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wiiw Monthly Report No. S1,

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Presentations at wiiw Spring Seminar 2003:
  • Transition Countries: Overview and Outlook (Leon Podkaminer)
  • Fiscal and Financial Aspects of EU Enlargement: the Issue of Transfers (Sándor Richter)
  • Fiscal Implications of EU Enlargement for the CEECs (Roman Römisch)
  • Lessons to be Learnt from Earlier Accessions (Kazimierz Laski / Roman Römisch)
  • CEE Industry in an Enlarged EU: Restructuring, Specialization and Competitiveness (Peter Havlik)
  • CEE Agriculture in an Enlarged EU: a Hard Landing Ahead? (Zdenek Lukas / Josef Pöschl)
  • The Services Sectors in Central and Eastern Europe (Hermine Vidovic)
  • EU Enlargement: Opportunities and Challenges for Eastern European Insurance Markets (Patrizia Baur -Swiss Re, Zurich)


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