The relation between industry and services in terms of productivity and value creation

Client/Funding Institution

European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry


This Request for Services within a Framework Contract on Industrial Competitiveness highlighted the importance of the interrelation between manufacturing and services and its impact on productivity. The increasing ‘servitization’ of manufacturing becomes an important aspect with respect to competitiveness and the linkages between these activities become crucial. The purpose was to understand the mechanisms by which the industry and service sector complement each other to create higher value added products. This implied three central areas of interest: (i) quantification of the effects of co-operation; (ii) an improved understanding of the mechanisms of interaction, against the background of the changing natures of manufacturing and services and (iii) an understanding of the most important barriers concerning these interactions. wiiw had the lead in this project which was done in cooperation with Ecorys, IFO and IDEA.


January 2014 - September 2014

wiiw team Leader

Robert Stehrer

wiiw Staff

Doris Hanzl-Weiss, Ronald Hartwig, Sandra M. Leitner

Project Partners

Ecorys, IFO, IDEAconsult

Keywords: Services, Manufacturing

Countries covered: EU Member States

Research Areas: Sectoral studies