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Foreign Ownership and Labour Markets in Sub-Saharan African Firms

Neil Foster-McGregor, Anders Isaksson and Florian Kaulich
wiiw Working Paper No. 99, March 2013
34 pages including 11 Tables and 3 Figures


The Effect of Trade Liberalization in South-Eastern European Countries

Joze P. Damijan, José de Sousa and Olivier Lamotte
wiiw Balkan Observatory Working Paper No. 70, August 2006



The Transition Countries in Early 2000: Improved Outlook for Growth, But Unemployment Is Still Rising

Peter Havlik
wiiw Research Report No. 266, June 2000
83 pages including 27 Tables and 8 Figures


Development and Prospects of the 'Other Non-metallic Mineral Products' Industry in the Central and Eastern European Countries

Leon Podkaminer
wiiw Industry Study No. 2000/1, January 2000 plus free access to wiiw Industrial Database