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Legitimacy: Yugoslav Lessons for Ukraine

Vladimir Gligorov
wiiw Essays and Occasional Papers No. 2, April 2016
20 pages


Corruption Risk and Legitimacy in Outsourced Public Service Provision: Evidence from Serbia

Elizabeth Dávid-Barrett, Vladimir Gligorov and Jelena Krstić
wiiw Balkan Observatory Working Paper No. 120, March 2016



Mixed Prospects: Consumption Leads Fragile Recovery in the CESEE Core – CIS Stumbles

Amat Adarov, Vasily Astrov, Serkan Çiçek, Rumen Dobrinsky, Vladimir Gligorov, Doris Hanzl-Weiss, Peter Havlik, Mario Holzner, Gabor Hunya, Sebastian Leitner, Isilda Mara, Olga Pindyuk, Leon Podkaminer, Sandor Richter, Robert Stehrer and Hermine Vidovic
wiiw Forecast Report No. Autumn 2015, November 2015
155 pages including 32 Tables and 63 Figures



Monthly Report No. 5/2007

Vasily Astrov, Kazimierz Laski, Roman Römisch and Geoffrey R.D. Underhill
wiiw Monthly Report No. 5, May 2007