Slovakia: Election 2010 Political and Economics Choices

This presentation deals with the economic and political situation in Slovakia in light of the June 2010 elections. The lecture highlights different features of the Slovak economic and political reality. The issues discussed will be: the question of the convergence to the EU-15, political tensions between Hungary and Slovakia, educational reform, advantages and disadvantages of euro introduction, response to the current euro crisis in light of the Slovak economy, perspectives of Slovak fiscal adjustments, the question of growth recovery, description of the political spectrum with emphasis on the new coalition government.

Julius Horváth is Head of the Department of Economics, Central European University; earlier he was the Head of Department of International Relations and European Studies, also at CEU. Before that he had the Chair at the Department of Applied Economics, Academia Istropolitana Nova in Bratislava. In the 1990s he held positions in Germany (Center for European Integration Studies, University of Bonn), the US (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale) and the Czech Republic (CERGE-EI, Charles University). His recent publications include: 'Global Financial Crisis: Implications for the Hungarian and the Slovak Economy', in A. Dandashly and A. Surdej (eds), Global Financial Crisis and Euro Zone Enlargement, Adam Marszalek Publishing House, Cracow, 2009; 'Growth Experience and Prospects of Central and Eastern European Countries: A Synthesis', in G. McMahon, H. S. Esfahani and L. Squire (eds), Diversity in Economic Growth, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2009 (with J. Fidrmuc and M. Chandler); 'Some Facts on Price Rigidity: the Case of Slovakia', IXth International Academic Conference on Economic Modernization and Globalization Proceedings, Moscow School of Economics, 2009, ISBN 978-5-7598-0646-2, pp. 427-437 (with K. Lukacsy); 'The Border Effect in Small Open Economies', Economic Systems, Vol. 32, 2008, pp. 33-45 (with A. Ratfai and B. Dome); 'Trade Balance and Income Shocks: Experience of Transition Economies', Transition Studies Review, Vol. 15, No. 2, Springer, September 2008 (with M. Veselkova).


Countries covered: Slovakia