Technology Sovereignty and the Role of Knowledge Diffusion in Global Value Chains

Client/Funding Institution

Joint Research Centre (JRC)


The project will study the relationship between the European Union on the one hand and the United States and China on the other hand in terms of global technology diffusion. In particular, the project will look at how R&D embodied in intermediate products diffuses in global value chains. The project will elaborate I) how the dependency of the EU27 on US and Chinese Business expenditures for R&D (BERD) developed over time II) how do sectors differ in terms of dependency on US and Chinese BERD, and in which sectors is this dependence highest and III) what is the role of the European Union as a supplier of BERD embodied in intermediate products to the world.


February 2023 - June 2023

wiiw team Leader

Robert Stehrer

wiiw Staff

Birgit Buschbom

Project Partners

The project is led by the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT).

Keywords: Research & Development, Global value chains, Business expenditures for R&D (BERD)

Countries covered: China, EU27, USA

Research Areas: International Trade, Competitiveness and FDI