Video documentation of the wiiw Spring Seminar 2016

28 April 2016

Here you can revisit all presentations and speeches held at 2016’s wiiw Spring Seminar on 7th April in Vienna.

This year's Spring Seminar offered different perspectives on Europe's Integration challenges and on China’s Silk Road Strategy.

Find below the full videos and all presentation slides in chronological order.
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Short summaries of the presentations can also be found here and here.

All videos were produced by Rainer Tomassovits Film.

Doris Ritzberger-Grünwald, Director, Economic Analysis Department, Oesterreichische Nationalbank: Welcome Address

Presentation slides

Robert Stehrer, Designated Scientific Director, wiiw: Introduction to the Seminar

Hannes Swoboda, President wiiw, Member of European Parliament (ret.): Welcome Address: Introducing the Challenges

Keynote: Danuta Hübner, Member of European Parliament, Chair of the Constitutional Affairs Committee (AFCO): Europe's Integration Challenged

Gábor Hunya, Senior Economist, wiiw: Economic Prospects for CESEE
Recovery vs. recession * Investments * Fiscal space * EU transfers * Catching-up

Presentation slides

Mario Holzner, Deputy Director, wiiw: Infrastructure Investment and the Competitiveness of the Economies in the Western Balkans
Public Investment * Transport infrastructure * Berlin process * Economic policy * Competitiveness

Presentation slides

Keynote: Peter Nolan, Chong Hua Professor in Chinese Development, Cambridge University: China's Silk Road Strategy


Peter Havlik, Senior Economist, wiiw: Eurasia and the Silk Road
Economy * Geopolitics * Trade and logistics * Challenges and prospects

Presentation slides

Sandra Leitner, Senior Economist, wiiw:  The Role of Financing Constraints for Innovation: Evidence of CESEE and CIS Firms
Financial constraints * M&E-based innovation strategy * Financial crisis

Presentation slides

Michael Landesmann, Scientific Director, wiiw: European Integration and the Migration Challenge
Migration and Integration * Intra- and extra-European migration * 'Borders' and (dis)integration

Presentation slides