What would Keynes propose for the euro?

21 June 2018

At our 2018 Łaski lecture, Robert Skidelski asked what the great economist would have done to fix the single currency area. A full video of the lecture is now available.

The Łaski lecture is held once per year, in memory of Kazimierz Łaski (1921 -2015), the former Scientific Director of wiiw. Professor Łaski was one of the most prominent representatives of post-Keynesian economics in Austria.

Robert Skidelski is a world-renowned authority on the life and thinking of John Maynard Keynes, having written a three-volume biography of him. At this year’s lecture, while acknowledging that Keynes lived in a different world from our own, Dr Skidelski argued that the great economist has plenty to teach us about the big issues facing the euro today.

Here is a full video of his lecture: