wiiw presented at investor & business conference in New York

12 April 2016

Scientific Director Michael Landesmann presented wiiw's updated economic outlook for Central and Eastern Europe.

Wall Street has experienced the worst start to a year ever according to Reuters. Increasingly, Europe looks like an opportunity for U.S. investors with above average growth rates in Central Europe and even countries on the periphery returning to growth. Despite the positive outlook, challenges remain: monetary policy, integration, immigration, energy, banking, and digital transformation just to name but a few.

Against this background, the 4th Investor and Business Conference is held in New York on 13th April, featuring European and US economic policy makers and business leaders. This year's conference is titled: 'Europe 2018: The Framework for the Future - and How to Benefit' - and wiiw is a part of it. wiiw Scientific Director Michael Landesmann will present wiiw's updated economic outlook for Central and Eastern Europe. The institute has also produced a business briefing based on the recent forecasts.

The conference is organised by 21st Austria, an initiative that was founded in 2011 to explain the current basis of Austria’s global competitive position. Leading Austrian companies together with the Central Bank of Austria and the Vienna Stock Exchange represent 21st Austria.