wiiw proudly presents the best science slammer in town!

18 April 2017

By illustrating the possible trade effects of non-tariff measures with the examples of the ‘chlorinated chicken’ and energy certificates for vacuum cleaners, Julia Grübler revealed her comedy talent and won the vote.

Foto credit: Lisa Resatz

At the recent Science Slam at the cabaret Metropol in Vienna, wiiw Economist Julia Grübler explained in an amusing performance why the work of a trade economist is highly interesting in the current environment, and what the implications of trade agreements are. “Since January, one trade agreement after another has died, and one could therefore say that trade economists have nothing to do nowadays. But the opposite is true”, she says.

Watch Julia’s six minutes performance (in German):

Science slams are competitions where participants present scientific research in an amusing way. The core and appeal of a scientific discipline should be summarised in a six minute performance. The golden rule is: Any means of presentation is allowed except power point. Science slams are currently performed in 19 countries worldwide and are open to all fields of science.