wiiw wins 23 forecast awards for Eastern Europe

28 May 2021

Our economists were again recognised among the most successful forecasters for the countries of Central, East and Southeast Europe.

In the Focus Economics Analyst Forecast Awards 2021, wiiw economists received 23 awards for 11 countries in Central, East and Southeast Europe (CESEE). Focus Economics is an international compiler of economic analysis and forecasts.

wiiw was recognised by Focus Economics as one of the most successful forecasters on CESEE over the last year. Special highlights were:

  • Best overall forecaster for Hungary;
  • Second best overall forecaster for Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Third best overall forecaster for Kazakhstan;
  • Best GDP forecaster for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Moldova;
  • Best exchange rate forecaster for Belarus, best inflation forecaster for Bosnia and Herzegovina, best current account forecaster for Hungary, Moldova and Kazakhstan, and best fiscal balance forecaster for Serbia.

The awards recognize the most accurate forecasters for the main macroeconomic indicators for the countries observed. Details of the awards and the full list of winners are available here.

To identify the top economic forecasters, Focus Economics assessed the accuracy of the forecasts submitted by over 350 institutions to its Consensus Forecast survey over the course of 22 months. Among the winning institutions are the world’s most renowned global forecasting firms and international banks – including wiiw.