wiiw wins most forecast awards for CESEE countries

21 May 2019

In total wiiw Economists were awarded 29 awards by Focus Economics across 12 countries in the region.

wiiw has been recognised by Focus Economics, the international compiler of economic analysis and forecasts, as the most successful forecaster on Central, East and Southeast Europe (CESEE) in 2018. wiiw economists took a total of 29 awards across 12 countries, more than any other forecasting organisation for CESEE. Particular highlights included:

  • Best overall forecaster for Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bulgaria;
  • Second best overall forecaster for Croatia;
  • Third best overall forecaster for Hungary and the Czech Republic;
  • Best exchange rate forecaster for Poland, and second-best GDP and exchange rate forecaster for Romania.

The annual Focus Economics awards recognise analysts with the most accurate monthly submissions. Accuracy is measured by averaging each analyst’s discounted forecasting errors. Forecasts are measured over a 24-month period (meaning that in this case all forecasts for 2018 from the start of 2017 were taken into account).

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